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Most Useless Application Ever?

Nah, na pewno nie "useless". Po prawdzie to jedna z sensowniejszych aplikacji, jakie ostatnio widziałem. Oddaję głos twórcom:


"This app is extremely proficient at adding the number 1."
– Jason McGillicutty, Math Purveyor

"The be-all end-all for adding the number 1."
– Florence Nightengale, Statistician

"I wouldn't add the number 1 any other way. But that's just me."
– Michael Brimmer, Dog Owner


Math fans, addition fans, fans of the number 1,

I'd like to introduce to you a revolutionary app now available for your iPhone or iPod touch. "Plus One" is an exciting new counting calculator app that lets you add the number 1 as many times as you want.

Now I know what you're saying: "Oh great, another bloated calculator app with all kinds of scientific doohickeys and whoseymawhatsits crammed onto the screen that I'll never even use, because all I want to do is add 1 over and over." WRONG! For the first time ever, exclusive to the iPhone and iPod touch, there is a calculator designed to add the number 1. Plus One was built from the ground up with one specific goal in mind – To provide you with a smooth, enjoyable experience of adding the number 1 for as long as you see fit. You can add 1 to itself once, twice, or even several times all together. Why not 100 times in a row? Why not 1,000? That's right, using your iPhone or iPod touch you now have the power to add the number 1 as long as you want, with nothing to hold you back.

Want to divide 200 by 4? Need to solve for x y or z, find the surface area of an octagon stacked on top of an isosceles triangle, or some other zany kind of math problem? Want to subtract? No sir (or ma'am), Plus One is NOT for you!

What's the best part of Plus One? I'm glad you asked. The best part of Plus One isn't its raw ability to increment the number 1. No, it's that YOU decide when and where to carry out your adding! Add the number 1 in the privacy of your own home or on the go. Golfing with your lazy Dad who thinks adding the number 1 takes way too much effort? Open up Plus One and keep track of those strokes. Grocery shopping with your Mom and she needs 3 pears? Add 1 three times. Problem solved. Out to dinner on a boring blind date? Spice things up by opening up Plus One and add the night away. On the beach getting a tan with nothing better to do and don't want to nap because you recently chugged a huge energy drink? Add 1 to itself repeatedly while soaking up some rays. Are electronic devices allowed on the airplane you're in? Pull out that iPhone or iPod Touch and rack up some ones! How you choose to use Plus One is entirely up to you… as long as you use it to add the number 1! The only limit is your willingness and steadfastness to incrementing. 

As an "added" bonus if you're feeling a bit adventurous you can even tap the "Clear" button to actually begin adding at 0!

Ask yourself "How long can I add the number 1?" Go ahead, I'll wait… You don't know, do you? Well there is only one way to find out, friend. Download Plus One today and start adding the number 1 instantly! Never has there been a better time to add the number 1 than right now.

Plus One Feature Set:
· Fully add the number 1 to the number currently displayed on the screen
· Your current number is stored across sessions. Resume computation right where you left off
· Clear the display at your leisure
· "Rapid Fire" adding – tap as fast as you want
· Earn trophies based on total times you've added (but only the most dedicated incrementers will earn the entire collection!)
· Totally free with unlimited free updates

Via CoSTa’s gupi staff



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